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Best Online Psychic Mediums in 2022

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If you are looking for a psychic medium in 2021, you are not alone. Humans are the only species to know about our own deaths, and as such we have been obsessed with finding out what happens after. When a loved one dies, we want to know where their spirit has gone to, and that they are okay. We want to know that we will see them again and that we will be okay when the time comes.


A psychic medium provides messages from your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. In 2021, you can get online psychic medium readings at affordable rates. Here is everything you need to know about psychic mediums.


What Happens in a Psychic Medium Reading?

When you enter a psychic medium reading, you provide the medium with your name and a few details about yourself. If you have a specific loved one you want to connect with, you can bring an item of theirs. The medium will then use their skills to read energies and mental impressions, sent by your loved ones.


The medium will provide some information you have not shared that will confirm they are speaking to your loved one. They will then share with you any messages your loved one wants you to know. You can also ask questions, and they will share the mental impressions they receive in response.


The best mediums will put you at ease, taking the fear and uncertainty out of the process. They will help you understand why your loved one is providing certain information, giving you a sense of closure about their death.

Can I trust a Psychic Medium?

Many people find it difficult to trust that a psychic medium is actually talking to their loved ones. After all, frauds try to use cold readings to fool you into confirming vague guesses, making it seem like they know more than they should. However, the best psychic mediums do not engage in cheap tricks, instead providing you with specific information to confirm the presence of your loved one.


Are psychic mediums real? The simple answer is yes. There are many incredible mediums who have grown large followings over the years. That does not mean that all psychic mediums are real. To ensure you can trust a medium, read their reviews beforehand, including the expert reviews on this site as well as client reviews. Also, use your instincts in a session to decide whether or not you believe the medium.


On popular psychic websites, payment portals are totally safe. If the psychic asks you to pay an extra amount directly to them, or claims they need money to perform some ritual, they are quite possibly trying to scam you, and you should end the session and report them immediately.


Who Are The Most Famous Psychic Mediums?

There is a lot of excitement in watching a psychic medium connect with the dead, and as such there are a number of mediums who have built up fame and large followings. This includes mediums with their own TV shows, as well as mediums who are trusted advisors to significant figures.

You have probably heard of John Edwards, from his show Crossing Over with John Edwards. In the series, he performed medium readings in front of a live audience. Tyler Henry is another famous psychic medium, who has a TV series in which he connects celebrities with their dead loved ones.

Not all famous psychics achieved success on TV series. Valerie Morrison, for example, became famous when she predicted Reagan’s attempted assassination. Nancy Reagan employed Morrison as her personal psychic medium.

You may also recognize the name Utsava. She is a medium who predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory and is extremely popular among his support base.

Many psychic mediums help law enforcement find missing persons and help the FBI create accurate profiles of serial killers.

What Is The Difference Between a Psychic And a Medium?

Many people ask what is the difference between a psychic and a medium? The simple answer is that this is like comparing the term doctor with the term surgeon.


A psychic is anyone who uses psychic powers and intuition to help clients. A medium is a type of psychic who specifically connects with the world of the dead. They serve as a medium between this one and the next.


You can learn about yourself and your future form a medium, but you will seek them specifically in order to connect with your dead loved ones.


What Are The Different Methods For Getting a Psychic Medium Reading?

You can receive a reading from a medium in person. Alternatively, you can get an online psychic medium reading. Here are the pros and cons of each.

In-Person Readings

  • Easy to make a personal connection
  • Comfort of medium’s presence
  • You can hand them loved one’s item
  • Fewer options for mediums near me
  • Difficult to end a bad session
  • Easier for scammers to perform cold readings

Online Readings

  • Tons of psychic mediums to choose from
  • Free first three minutes allows you to try before you settle
  • Difficult to perform cold readings or make accurate guesses
  • Less personal connection to the psychic
  • You may need to process messages without anyone else physically present
  • Any items belonging to loved one seen from behind a screen

How Much Does a Psychic Medium Reading Cost?

The cost of a psychic medium reading varies greatly depending on the experience of the psychic. Through most online psychic portals, you will receive 3 free minutes. Once that time is up, you may pay anything between $0.66 and $15 per minute. Of course, if you choose a famous psychic you will pay a lot more than for someone who is not well-known.


Experience and fame do not necessarily make one medium better than another. The best psychic mediums have an innate ability to receive mental impressions and interpret them for clients. They do not need to be able to predict the future or do other types of readings.


You can get a free psychic medium reading for the first 3 minutes from most websites, but beware of mediums or websites who promise completely free readings. A general rule to follow is that if you are not paying for something, then you are the product. Free psychic mediums may be out to scam or blackmail you for a much bigger payday than if you paid for a reading.

What Are The Best Psychic Medium Networks?

When looking for the best psychic mediums, you can look for a psychic medium near me or a psychic medium online. There are websites which connect you with excellent online mediums, psychic medium directories, and individual psychic mediums you can meet online or in person.

The Best Sites For Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic Source logo 300x167

No matter what type of psychic reading you are looking for, Psychic Source is one of your best online options. They have been around for decades and only recommend psychics they trust 100%. Their screening methodology is robust enough to all but guarantee a psychic’s legitimacy.


They provide a variety of psychic mediums with differing levels of experience. You can choose according to the characteristics of each, as well as client testimonials. If you’re unhappy with the service, you can get in touch with Psychic Source for assistance.


Read our full review of Psychic Source →

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One of the best-known names in the business, Keen connects you with excellent psychics from around the US. They have been around for decades and are available 24/7, which is especially helpful if you feel you need the peace of a reading before you are able to rest.


Their mediums are known for being extremely accurate, connecting tons of clients with loved ones who have passed.


Read our full review of Keen Psychics →


California Psychics logo

California Psychics offers access to some of the best psychics in the Golden State. Of course, since you can access them online, you do not need to be in or from California to benefit from their excellent directory of psychics.


They offer mediums known for their high level of accuracy. They also have a pretty good app that connects you with the best psychic mediums online.


California Psychics often has large discounts available on your first reading, which is particularly helpful if you want to contact a well-known Californian medium.


We haven’t fully reviewed their site yet as we are in the process of testing their services, so for now we recommend you visit Psychic Source if you want the best psychic mediumship experience:

The Best Psychic Mediums Online

The following are some of the best individual trusted psychic mediums available online. We have not included certain popular psychics such as Karyn Reece, who is personally booked out for the next year and a half!


Additionally, Utsava Psychic Medium is popular but requires payment before actually scheduling an appointment. Along with the disclaimer that she can cancel at any time without providing a reason, she might not be the best choice if you are looking for a timely reading at a reasonable price.

Valerie Morrison

If you want one of the most famous psychic mediums in the United States, Valerie Morrison is available for online sessions. As mentioned, she personally guided Nancy Reagan. You might therefore expect it to be tough to find a time with Valerie. However, she has expanded her hours during the pandemic to speak with more clients.

Valerie Morrison online psychic medium

Heidi Jaffe

Another superstar psychic medium (although without the status of having served the First Lady), Heidi Jaffe is considered one of the best psychics in the business. You can book sessions with her on her website, although her next available slots are in about eight months.

Heidi Jaffe online psychic medium

Sterling Psychic Medium

Sterling has been practicing as a trusted psychic medium for the past thirty years. He lives in Southern California and works with the creative minds behind TV series and screenplays. You can book him on his website. While he is in demand, there are usually slots available within a month.


Sterling Psychic Medium


Psychic mediums serve the specific purpose of helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed. The best psychic mediums online and in person provide closure to millions of people around the world.


There are scammers, but by reading our in-depth reviews and looking at what previous clients have said, you should be able to discern which sites and individual psychics are legitimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium is a person who serves as a connection between the living and the dead.

What do Psychic Mediums see?

Psychic mediums see images and hear voices, giving them mental impressions.

How do Psychic Mediums talk to the dead?

Psychic mediums talk to the dead by listening to your questions and interpreting the mental impressions and energies they receive from the spirit of your loved ones.

Are Psychic Mediums real?

There are scammers who use cold readings to trick people into thinking they can connect with their loved ones. However, most psychic mediums are real and can be trusted to relay accurate messages.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic is someone who has powers to connect with the psychic world. A medium is a type of psychic whose powers specifically connect them to the world of the dead.

How to prepare for a Psychic Medium Reading?

To prepare for a psychic medium reading you should consider who you want to speak to and what you want to ask them. Think about bringing an item that belonged to them with you or showing it to the medium over video chat.

How much does it cost to see a Psychic Medium?

Different psychic mediums charge different prices. On the major websites, you will get 3 minutes free. After those 3 minutes are up, per minute payment will depend on the medium. There are psychics who charge less than a dollar a minute, and those who charge $15 a minute or more.

Can anyone be a Psychic Medium?

Certain people are born with the ability to sense energies and connect with spirits from the beyond. It is a difficult skill to develop, but some are well enough attuned to the next world to do so at a fairly young age.

How do I know if I am a Psychic Medium?

Do you sense the presence of people who are no longer alive? If you suspect that you might have mediumship powers, speak to a professional medium to see if your experiences are similar.

How to contact a Psychic Medium?

You can contact a psychic medium by using a psychic website, finding a psychic directory online, or contacting individual psychics on their individual websites.

Connect with your passed loved ones through one of these top psychic mediums:

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