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Psychic Source has made a name for itself as one of the most affordable psychic reading sites, providing a calming environment where anyone can access much-needed spiritual support. Established over 30 years ago, Psychic Source has built up a network of hundreds of verified, authentic advisors. No matter what problems you’re facing in life, the site offers almost every reading type you can think of, along with a few unique options.

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Reading Types

Astrology and horoscope readings

Astrology Readings

From horoscopes to in-depth star charts, the skilled astrology readers on Psychic Source have many ways to accurately predict your future. If you’re seeking information about your place in the universe, these readings can provide the answers.

Tarot card reading

Cartomancy Readings

Unlike the more common tarot readings, cartomancy involves a deck of standard playing cards. The experienced readers on Psychic Source skillfully interpret the drawn cards to make predictions about your life and future.

Psychic mediums reading, past life and picture reading,

Angel Card Readings

One of the more unique offerings from Psychic Source, an angel reading lets you connect with angels, spirits, and passed loved ones. The site features many psychics with the special ability to help you contact your spiritual guide and receive uplifting life advice and predictions.

Tarot card reading

Love Tarot Readings

A unique offering from Psychic Source, these readings use tarot cards to predict the future of your love life. The site features many psychics with this unique skill to accurately predict the future of your relationships.

Psychic mediums reading, past life and picture reading,

Past Life Readings

Past lives are a vital clue for figuring out your true personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Readers with this unique ability can view and interpret your previous lives, offering a unique perspective on the type of person you are.

Spiritual reading, find yourself in the wilderness of life

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual readings provide a calm and relaxing environment for you to receive positive advice and uplift your soul. With a host of psychics skilled in reading and restoring your spiritual energy, these sessions are an excellent solution if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

Find Inner Peace Today.

What Makes Psychic Source Unique

As one of the oldest psychic reading sites, Psychic Source boasts an impressive 30-year history of helping people solve their spiritual problems. Featuring a clean and modern design and 24/7 availability, finding an advisor who can answer your questions and provide accurate advice is a breeze.


Psychic Source offers the standard chat and phone reading options, along with live video calls that you won’t find on many other sites. There are also many privacy features that prevent psychics from asking for or sharing your contact information.


The available advisors are all highly qualified and subject to strict quality standards that give the site a small yet skilled network of advisors. It’s also easy to find a perfect match, thanks to the many customizable search filters, and you can even search for individual psychics by name.


You can also enjoy many unique reading types and services that aren’t available on many other sites. From lost object readings to energy work, there’s something here to solve any kind of spiritual problem.

Consultation types

Love & Relationships

Whether you want to know more about your partner or want to discover who you’re compatible with, a consultation from Psychic Source can help you create and even mend your relationships.


The site’s career advisors can help you make some of the most important decisions of your life by offering insight into your personal talents. If you’re looking to choose or change your career, a consultation beforehand can give you insight into the right path to take.


  • A consultation with a skilled medium from Psychic Source can help you find peace with the past by letting you contact lost loved ones. Mediums are some of the site’s most popular psychics, thanks to their unique connection to the spiritual world.


As of June 2021, new visitors to the site receive a choice of welcome packages when they sign up on the site to ensure their first reading is affordable and relaxed. The deals include 10, 20, and 30-minute specials, all charged at $1 per minute. These all guarantee that you won’t have to constantly worry about the price during your session and can concentrate on your spiritual healing.


Like most reading sites, you’ll also receive your first three minutes free to help you find the best advisor for your preferences and questions. In addition, new customers can enjoy a discounted rate of $1.00 per minute from selected psychics.


The site features a price protection program that holds the price of any advisor you’ve booked with every 30 days. You’ll be notified beforehand if their rates increase, giving you the chance to book readings with them at the previous prices for a short period afterwards. If you’re lucky, you can even receive an exclusive promo code during checkout for further discounted rates as low as $0.66 per minute. You can also sign-up to the Psychic Source’s email and text lists for the chance to get personal special offers.

Our First-Hand Experience with Psychic Source

We discovered Psychic Source while searching for the top reading sites that offered energy work. The many positive reviews and long history of the site helped reinforce our decision. While this was our first psychic reading, we were interested in trying this unique form of spiritual healing.


Finding the category we wanted was simple and straightforward, thanks to the site’s elegant design. The front page displayed some of its most trusted psychics and informed us of the new customer offer. It only took a few clicks to discover all the available reading types, and from there, we were recommended Psychic Source’s top-rated energy readers.


While we were registering an account, we got to choose from three welcome deals, all charged at $1.00 per minute. These offers granted us a guaranteed full reading session as we could pay the total amount upfront to take advantage of the discount.

The live video chat option was a significant positive to the site that made our reading smooth and more personal. As a new customer, we also received our first three minutes for free, letting us meet our advisor and settle into the reading experience.


Our psychic expertly guided us through the process of reading the different energies of our spirit, mind, and body. From there, they helped us channel and integrate our energy through meditation, and eventually we started feeling more relaxed and at peace.


The reading left us with a sense of renewal thanks to our advisor’s intuition and wisdom.

Featured Readers

Psychic Nova

New customers will appreciate Nova’s calming voice and excellent advice as she answers your questions related to relationships, career, and destiny. As one of the most experienced psychics on the site with over 40 years of experience, she offers a wide range of skills, from clairvoyance to mediumship.

Psychic Source reader Nova

Psychic Rachelle

Rachelle is one of Psychic Source’s top-rated psychics with over 1,000 positive reviews. Her expertise includes many different reading tools for making accurate predictions and restoring your spiritual energy, including tarot cards and reiki.

Psychic Source reader Rachelle

Psychic Ginger

If you’re looking for quality advice about family, friends, and relationships, Ginger is one of the site’s best options. She has helped hundreds of people better understand their relationships with the ones most important to them.

Psychic Source reader ginger

Psychic Source

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Featured Reading Types

Dream analysis and object reading

Dream Interpretations

Psychics who specialize in connecting with the spiritual realm can help you to understand the meaning behind your mysterious dreams.

Psychic crystal and energy reading

Energy Work

Energy work is a form of self-healing focused on aligning your mind, body, and spirit. This is another specialty of the site, and there are many psychics to guide you through the process of releasing your energy and achieving enlightenment.

Lost object reading and horoscope app

Lost Object Readings

There are very few psychic reading sites that can help you find lost objects through readings. Psychic Source’s experienced advisors can read the energy of certain items just like a normal person and point you towards its most likely location.

Is Psychic Source Legit

Psychic Source is trusted by many to provide affordable and calming spiritual support, evident by the many testimonials from satisfied customers. The site’s loyalty program has built up a community of long-time users who regularly enjoy its services. Also, Psychic Source’s reputation as the oldest psychic reading site ensures that you receive quality advice and leave with a better understanding of yourself.


You don’t have to worry about costs as Psychic Source offers some of the most affordable reading options online. Advisors are available from only $1.00 per minute, making the site’s services accessible to almost everyone, no matter your budget.


Psychic Source offers top-tier psychic readings while still being affordable, allowing you to access a range of unique spiritual services no matter your budget. With readings from $1.00 per minute and special deals for new customers, the site is a fantastic destination for all spiritual enthusiasts.


Their vast network of highly-rated psychics features thousands of five-star reviews who offer many unique services, from dream interpretations to energy work. Overall, we enjoyed our experience on Psychic Source and were impressed by their quality readings.
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