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Clarity, care, and advice are just some of the many spiritual services available on Keen. The site, established in 1999, is one of the oldest of its kind and has provided millions of people with accurate readings. Keen offers multiple reading types from top-rated psychics with many years of experience if you’re looking for instant support.
Spiritual reading, spiritual guidance, find your path in life

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Love & Career reading

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Psychic mediums reading, past life and picture reading,

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Reading Types

Psychic reading with cristal ball, fortune telling and divination

Psychic Reading

Psychic readings are the most popular, thanks to their broad scope and insight into many aspects of your life. Keen's top psychic readers have over 20 years of experience helping all sorts of people find their purpose.

Love & Career reading

Love & Relationship Readings

This is another extremely popular reading type that can provide answers to your most pressing relationship questions. If you want to find out what your partner thinks, love, and relationship readings are your best bet.

Tarot card reading

Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are one of the most accurate ways to divine someone's future and are used all over the world. Keen's many tarot readers are experts on foretelling how your future will shape you as a person.

Spiritual reading, spiritual guidance, find your path in life

Spiritual Readings

One of Keen's more unique offerings, spiritual readings are the place to start if you're looking to heal and enlighten your soul. It provides a space to forget your troubles and gain valuable advice on the best path to take for your future.

Astrology and horoscope readings

Astrology Readings

Astrology is a powerful tool based on star signs and zodiac charts that can reveal secrets and predictions about yourself and where you're heading. Keen's vast psychic network includes many specialized advisors that can conduct accurate astrology readings.

Find Your Calling

Our spiritual guides are here to help you

While Keen has been providing psychic readings for over 20 years, it still features a clean and modern site that’s easy to navigate. Psychics with many years of experience are available 24/7 by call, chat, or email to help you find the inner peace you’ve been searching for.


The site is also secure and private to ensure that you can relax and concentrate on your reading for the best results. Advisors can’t see your caller ID during readings, and you only have to enter your payment details once, which has helped Keen build its reputation as a safe platform.


Despite its vast network of psychics with unique and varied skills, Keen specializes in readings that help you achieve peace within yourself and calm your soul. Examples of these more enlightening services include spiritual readings that help you come to terms with your problems.


No matter when you need urgent spiritual advice, Keen has psychics available 24/7. The advisors’ page is highly customizable and includes many choices with thousands of user reviews and tens of years of experience.

Consultation types

Life Questions

When you’re unsure about where you’re heading, Keen’s life consultations provide the answers to many questions about yourself. If you’re interested in discovering what your future holds or just want to find some inner peace, the site’s advisors can help.

Love & Relationships

Keen’s relationship psychics are some of the best in the business, thanks to their experience in this wildly popular category. With thousands of reviews, they’re sure to help you along the path to a stronger love life or any other relationship you hold with others.


  • Keen’s financial consultations are a great way to get quality advice and answers if you’re feeling lost during tough times. The site’s top advisors have been helping people get their life back on track and secure a prosperous future for over 20 years.


Keen includes two once-off deals for new customers to help them ease into the world of psychic readings and find their ideal advisor. If it’s your first time on the site, your initial booking includes the first three minutes for free, letting you find the perfect advisor without worrying about spending on multiple different readings.


After this, you can also enjoy a specially discounted 10 minutes for $1.99 that can be spread across numerous readings and psychics.

Our First-Hand Experience with Keen

We picked Keen for our psychic reading from a list of the top reading sites because of its generous deals and focus on enlightening, calming support. Specifically, we were looking for a relaxing, spiritual reading to relieve stress, and Keen’s many highly-rated listed advisors assured us this was the right place.


Keen’s site was a pleasure to browse with its clean design and drop-down menus. This made finding the category we wanted a straightforward experience.


All the most popular reading types were easily accessible, and the top-rated available psychics were listed right on the home page.


The site included filters that let us find a collection of suitable advisors to pick from based on price, expertise, and contact method. A quick questionnaire offered us a more personalized list of psychics according to our answers.


Once we picked our psychic, we were pleased to be granted three free minutes and a further 10 minutes for $1.99. These deals let us relax and enjoy our consultation without worrying about the price or the time, providing a valuable and enlightening experience.

Getting our reading started took just a few minutes, and the ability to choose between chat, call, and email made the whole process simple and straightforward. Our advisor helped us settle into this new experience and ensured the atmosphere was friendly, letting us express our concerns and ask our questions.


With many psychics having thousands of five-star reviews, we were confident that we could get excellent advice from Keen’s psychics. After a brief introduction, they quickly answered our most pressing questions, and we walked away feeling destressed and with a clearer outlook on life.

Featured Readers

Arnold Heart

While a relatively new face on Keen, this advisor has already racked up over 1,000 positive reviews thanks to his fresh perspectives and no-nonsense advice. He has 20 years of previous psychic reading experience and possesses skills like clairvoyance to help with anything from relationships to careers.

Arnold Heart - psychic reader for

Eye of George

George has been accurately divining people’s futures on Keen since 2008 and has helped tens of thousands figure out where they are heading in life. He’s an expert on fortune-telling methods like tarot cards and astrology readings and can use his unique skills to help you lead a fulfilling life.

Jay Lassiter

With over 30 years of helping people find their purpose in life, this experienced psychic now works exclusively on Keen. He has collected over 12,000 positive reviews since 2012 and has a wide range of skills to help you discover yourself.

Keen Psychics

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Featured Reading Types

Spiritual reading, spiritual guidance, find your path in life

Spiritual Readings

Keen's psychics specialize in relaxing spiritual readings that offer a wide variety of advice and give you a calm environment to express your problems. Anyone can get instant support on any issue, no matter how small, even if you just want some to talk to and relieve the stresses of life.

Love & Career reading

Life Questions

The site's network of advisors is highly skilled in everything from fortune telling to tarot reading and can make accurate predictions to answer any question. Whether you want to ask what the future has in store or are wondering what type of person you are, Keen's advisors can provide fast and accurate answers.

Psychic mediums reading, past life and picture reading,

Psychic Mediums

One of the site's most unique offerings is psychics mediums, highly-skilled individuals who can help you better connect with the spiritual world. They offer many different services, from contacting past loved ones to restoring a positive outlook on life.

Is Keen Legit

Almost every list of the top psychic reading sites includes Keen, thanks to its 20 years of experience and hundreds of trusted advisors who have conducted over 35 million conversations. There are thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers that add to Keen’s credibility, and the dedicated 24/7 support team can help you solve any issues.


The site includes advanced security features to keep your personal and financial details safe, and you never have to re-enter your payment information after the first time. Whether you choose to chat or call for your readings, your caller ID is invisible to all advisors to keep your identity safe.


Keen is one of the most affordable psychic readings sites, with advisor sessions from as low as $1.99 to make spiritual support widely available for everyone. You won’t have to worry about costs when looking for readings on Keen, and the customizable filters let you quickly find psychics within your budget.


If you’ve been troubled with stressful problems in life and need a peaceful space to relax and get some quality advice, Keen is one of the top options available. The site has many highly-rated advisors with years of experience who will listen to your questions and help you work towards a solution. Keen also has some of the best security and privacy features out of the top psychic reading sites.


With invisible caller IDs and payment details securely tied to your account, you can feel confident in your trust. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling lost or confused, Keen has the spiritual support you wish for when you need it the most.
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