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Are you looking for reliable psychic guidance? Kasamba is an online psychic reading site with 20 years of experience in various psychic readings. If you’re looking for 24/7 support, Kasamba has advisors available at all times. You can take part in live chats, phone consultations, or email readings and choose from a variety of reading types.

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Reading Types

Psychic reading with cristal ball, fortune telling and divination

Psychic Reading

These are the best readings for discovering your general personality, future and providing you with a path in life. Kasamba's psychics are experts in helping you learn who you really are in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

Tarot card reading

Tarot Reading

Tarot card specialists can divine your future and answer almost any question about yourself; past, present and future. This is the best choice for discovering the type of person you might become and what life has in store for you.

Palm reading psychics

Palm Reading

A palm reading is a great choice if you want to learn what life has in store for you. Interpreting the different lines on your hand can reveal information about your health and love life.

Love & Career reading

Career Forecasts

Career forecasts offer an easy solution to the common problem of choosing a profession and advisors in this field can assist you with finding a purpose and goal that fits your personality and skills.

Psychic reading with cristal ball, fortune telling and divination

Fortune Telling

This alternative form of divination provides insight into your future and offers predictions about where you might end up in life. If you find yourself unsure of your path and purpose, fortune telling can help guide you.

Love & Career reading

Love & Relationship Advice

Relationship psychics are some of the most experienced advisors, and this is one of the most popular categories. Whether you're concerned about honesty or just want to find a match, these readings provide quality advice about your love life.

Psychic mediums reading, past life and picture reading,

Past Life Readings

Past lives can greatly influence your future, and understanding them provides insight and guidance for your current life. This reading type helps you figure out the kind of person you really are.


If you’re feeling lost in life, a career forecast can help get you back on track and find your true purpose. Whether you can’t decide on a career or are stuck in a job you hate, these consultations offer guidance and clarity.


Religion can often be a confusing and delicate subject that many people struggle to open up about. Faith consultations let you talk to experienced psychics about any aspect of religion to help you find peace and understanding.


As of November 2020, Kasamba has an excellent welcome deal for new users that includes the first three minutes free and 50% off of your first reading, letting you relax and get the best spiritual support without worrying about price. The three free minutes promotion also applies to each new psychic you try, although this only applies to readings done over chat.

Our First-Hand Experience with Kasamba

We quickly discovered Kasamba while looking for reliable psychic support sites that offered tarot readings and, with many experienced and highly-rated advisors, we were happy to pick them in our search for enlightening predictions about our future.


The first thing we noticed was Kasamba’s simple and straightforward site design, with many of the most experienced available psychics displayed right on the home page. With loads of categories to choose from, finding the right advisor was a breeze.

One aspect we liked about Kasamba was its collection of unique reading types that weren’t available on many other top reading sites. Picture readings and numerology were just a few of the niche choices that intrigued us about Kasamba.

Thanks to the specific categories and detailed profiles, we quickly found many tarot readers with thousands of five-star ratings and years of experience. Now we just needed to create an account and deposit some funds to get started, which would let us stay in contact with our advisor throughout the reading with no payment interruptions. The three free minutes promotion let us try out a handful of psychics for free and helped us find a perfect match while still being affordable.


After choosing between live chat, phone, and email, we were ready to start reading and getting the answers we sought. Our psychic was friendly and helped ease us into the experience as a new customer, detailing the process and making everything a breeze. We got to ask some of our most burning questions and quickly received accurate answers and predictions.


Overall the experience was enlightening and left us feeling at peace with ourselves. The advisor gave us the spiritual support we were looking for and offered some quality advice for our future.

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Featured Readers

Master Enigma

This is one of Kasamba’s most experienced psychics with over 55,000 reviews. He offers everything from dream analysis to love advice. His flexible and accurate readings have assisted countless customers over the years.

Kasamba featured psychic reader - Master Enigma

Psychic Reader & Healer Andrew

If you’re looking for an expert on relationships, Andrew’s unique skills let him read what your partner is thinking. With 21,000 reviews, he has been a top-ranked advisor on Kasamba for over five years.

Golden Eye

If you’re looking for an expert on relationships, Andrew’s unique skills let him read what your partner is thinking. With 21,000 reviews, he has been a top-ranked advisor on Kasamba for over five years.

Kasamba Psychics

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Featured Reading Types

Psychic mediums reading, past life and picture reading,

Picture Readings

You won't find this unique type of reading on many other sites, where readers can draw out spiritual energy from pictures. Kasamba features many experts in this field that can reveal the truth behind a person just by analyzing their photo.

Love & Career reading

Love & Relationship Readings

Kasamba has some of the most experienced love and relationship psychics around. With tens of thousands of satisfied customers, you can get advice and support for everything from break-ups and cheating to dating.

Astrology and horoscope readings

Astrology Readings

The site's astrology readings are unique as they come in different types. Chinese astrology uses the Chinese zodiac to offer predictions and wisdom. You can also choose Vedic astrology that features traditional Indian divination methods.

Is Kasamba Legit

Kasamba isn’t one of the top-rated psychic reading sites for no reason. With over four million five-star reviews, it’s a favorite of many spiritual enthusiasts around the world. The site uses SSL encryption to ensure your readings are safe and secure. We found customer support to be extremely helpful, and you can even request a refund if you aren’t satisfied with your reading. The advice we got from our sessions was accurate and valuable.


You can easily customize the advisor list to find the right price for your budget. All psychics charge per minute, and the costs range from $2.95 to $30.00 so that anyone can get the support they need.


Kasamba is a trustworthy psychic reading site with a long history of satisfied customers and helpful advice. Its vast network of experienced psychics has thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied clients. With a massive selection of spiritual services, you’re sure to find a useful reading type. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with life, visit Kasamba to book an instant meeting. Clear predictions and uplifting guidance can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed with a clear purpose.

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