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Looking for the best astrology reading sites? Astrology is one of the most popular types of psychic reading, which means there are thousands of expert astrologers available to advise you. It is important to remember that astrology is not as simple as people make it out to be. Let’s dive into what is an astrology reading so that you can choose the best astrologer.

What is astrology?

In addition to asking what is astrology, you may be wondering is astrology real?


Astrology is the study of the moons and planets in our solar system as well as the stars in our galaxy and is firmly based in reality. It examines the position and energy of the planets at the time of a person’s birth to get insight into their personality.


Astrology also looks at the positions of the planets in the present to learn about coming events. Astrological phenomena impact our thoughts and emotions. In the same way that the position of the moon affects the tides, the relative positions of the planets affect human moods.


Astrology is a kind of psychic reading, and as such astrologers are psychics. They are people sensitive to psychic energies. While learning the fundamentals of astrology is necessary to become a competent astrologer, many people sense these energies even without any training.


The best astrologers are those who are sensitive to psychic energies and have put in the work to learn everything about the planets, the star signs, and human nature. It is in expertly combining and interpreting all the data in context that astrologers come to accurate readings.

How do astrology readings work?

Before you go into an astrology reading, you should ask how do astrology readings work? Not all astrologers use the same process, but it is important to have a general outline so that you can sense whether they are doing a good job.


Not all astrology readings require an astrologer present. You can fill out a birth chart on free astrology websites, which provide information about your date and time as well as place of birth. Then you can assess the information and think about what it says about you. If it does not seem to fit with how you view yourself, it may teach you to see yourself in a new way. With study, you can learn how to read an astrology chart.


Alternatively, not all information related to a specific star sign will be applicable. There are other factors that influence your personality, and some of the readings will be incredibly accurate while the rest are accurate for other people of your star sign.


The best way to get a good astrology reading is by speaking to a real astrologer. They will intuit which truths apply to you, even if you can’t see it yet. They will use the information you give them about place and time of birth, and may ask for more information, such as whether your birth was natural or C-Section.


They will ask you what you want out of the reading. Some people see astrologers to find out more about themselves for personal development. Others want to find out if their personality will be compatible with their partner’s personality in the long term. Still others see astrologers to get some insight into what will happen in their lives in the near future, so they can make decisions with the most information possible.


While an astrologer will never tell you what to do, as your free will is paramount, they will give you guidance so that you are best placed to make important life decisions.

Can I trust an astrologer?

Can I trust an astrologer? You are not alone in asking the question. When it comes to psychics there is no guaranteed way to differentiate between legitimate psychics and opportunistic scammers. However, you can get very close.


The very first thing to remember is that any requests for additional funds should raise major red flags. If an astrologer tells you that they need you to send them money to help with a ritual or process, stop communicating with them immediately. Scam astrologers, as with most scam psychics, are generally out to get your money.


But scammers aside, how do you know if an astrologer is giving you accurate readings? Before you choose a psychic, you should read astrologer reviews, both by our experts and by previous clients. They will give you an idea of whether the astrologer’s readings have been accurate in the past. They will also tell you what kind of person the astrologer is, pointing out if they are receptive to feedback and taking your ideas into account.


In the session itself, you should use your intuition. Everyone has some ability to sense psychic energies, so if something feels wrong, chances are that you’re onto something. Bring it up in the session, and see how the astrologer reacts.

How is astrology different from other psychic readings?

Unlike other psychic readings, astrology readings are applicable to larger groups of people. In other words, one person’s reading will apply to other people born on the same day and at the same time. This is why some expert astrologers are able to write Horoscopes for each of the star signs.


However, that does not mean that all the information is generic, or that all humans are split into twelve specific personalities. It is always important to take context into account. An astrologer giving one reading to all people born under a certain sign is like a personal trainer giving one exercise regime to all people born in the same year – it will apply to a lot of people, but is missing crucial context about body type, upbringing, and so on.


As such, while Astrology Horoscopes are useful and birth charts will give you some valuable insight, to get an accurate astrological reading, you need to speak one on one with an astrologer.

What are the different methods for astrological readings?

You can have an astrology reading done online or in person. Both of these methods have their distinct advantages.

In-Person Readings

  • Personal connection
  • Privacy in their office
  • They can assess your body language
  • Hard to leave if you are getting bad vibes
  • Scammers have the advantage
  • Easier to do “cold readings”

Online Readings

  • Huge range of astrologers to choose from
  • Easy to end bad sessions
  • They have to work only with energies and intuition
  • Need to find your own space
  • Less personal
  • They can’t intuit body language

How much does an astrology reading cost?

Different astrologers charge different prices based on their experience as well as what kind of readings they do. As such, you can find astrologers who charge $5 a minute while others charge $30 per minute!


However, if you choose an online astrology session, most websites will give you three to five minutes totally free, after which they will charge you at a low per-minute rate.


If you are seeing someone at their offices, they may charge more due to their overheads or because they are highly sought after. Many astrologers will offer you discounts if you cannot afford their prices. Alternatively, you can find an astrologer online at a price you can afford.

What are the benefits of astrology?

There are tremendous benefits to getting an astrology reading, depending on what you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons people get astrology readings.


Many people get astrology readings in order to find out more about their personalities. Learning about yourself takes more than simply looking inward. We all have blind spots that it takes us years to identify. The way you describe yourself may be at odds with how friends and family describe you, simply because you are so used to your own perspective.


Astrologers will use your birth chart or natal chart to tell you more about your personality, showing you what you may be missing and explaining how it is impacting your life. They can help you along your journey of self-discovery and personal growth by unlocking things you know about yourself deep down but which would take years of therapy to unearth.


For this reason, some people will see an astrologer regularly to track their growth and identify any new blindspots that inevitably come up along the way. If you’ve ever asked what is my Astrological sign, this is the service you are looking for.


Some assume that if you are seeking an astrologer’s advice about whether you are compatible with your partner, you already know that you are not. However, the reality is that everyone questions, even if some do so more than others. You may be struggling to commit not because you’re not compatible but because you have had negative experiences in the past.


Seeing an astrologer will give you insight into whether you and your partner are a good fit based on your star signs. There are no strict rules as to which star signs are suited to each other. But a good astrologer will use their intuition, as well as what they know about you and your partner, to understand how your respective birth charts have impacted your lives.


Sometimes, red flags will come up in the session that have nothing to do with your signs, simply because you took the time to speak about your relationship with an outside party. Other times, the astrologer will find warning signs that you should keep in mind going forward.


Many people come out of astrology readings with a renewed appreciation for their partner, more certain than ever that they were meant to be. And in some cases, people learn that their Astrology compatibility is not so strong but that with work, they can be a perfect couple.

The Future

People who go to psychics to find out what will happen in the future are inevitably disappointed. The reality is that no matter how intuitive the psychic is, humans have free will. The future is never set in stone, no matter what anyone tells you.


That does not mean they cannot share the impressions that they receive based on intuition and education. The best astrologers can give you an idea of what kind of situations you’re going to find yourself in and the sort of decisions you’ll need to make.


You benefit from the advice they give to help you get through the coming days or weeks having made the best choices according to your personality.

Who are the best online astrologers?

To find the best astrologer, you will need to do some research on who is available and whether they are right for you. There are many sites and directories online. Here is what you need to know.

The best sites for astrology readings

Kasamba psychics logo

Chances are that you have heard the name Kasamba. In recent years, Kasamba have built their online presence with some incredible branding, as well as their compelling adverts with testimonials from real people. However, no amount of branding could account for Kasamba’s reputation. Founded in 1999, they have served millions of happy clients. They are so certain of their psychics’ expertise that they offer a money back guarantee.


Their astrologers have tremendous expertise, and that is reflected in their prices. You can get readings for low prices, but they have a fair amount of astrologers charging between $20 to $30 per minute.


Read our full review of Kasamba →

Keen is another psychic site that is becoming a household name. They too have been around for over two decades, amassing a huge following in that time. They are open at all hours, and their psychics have had over 35 million conversations over the past twenty years!


They have experienced astrologers available for bookings. As with any experienced psychics, those who have been around the longest charge the most. However, you can find an astrologer on Keen for as little as $2 a minute.


Read our full review of Keen Psychics →

Psychic Source has existed in some form since way back in 1989. Today, they are beloved by followers who have found solace and success in their psychics. One of the appealing aspects of Psychic Source is their Kindness Initiative, through which they contribute some of your fee to a number of charities – you can select from a list.

Psychic Source has some of the cheapest astrologers, from as little as $1 a minute.

Read our full review of Psychic Source→

The best online astrologers

You do not have to use a psychic website or directory to find a great astrologer. There are some individuals who are renowned in the industry and available for consultations.

Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio, also available under Dawn Anne on the website Astrology Answers, uses her astrology expertise in life coaching. On her own personal website, she has tons of information about what she does and who she is. She has a contact form that you can easily fill in to schedule a 30 minute “discovery” session with her.

Visit Dawn’s website →

Dawn DelVecchio - astrology reader

Russell Grant

Russell Grant is one of the most well-known astrologers in the world, having had numerous TV shows and appearances in the UK. His website has everything from daily Horoscopes to advice from Russell himself. He has a section for asking him questions but does not take bookings on his site. Rather, he has a team of 200 psychics who you can book with for just £1.50 a minute.

Visit Grant’s website →

Russel Grant - astrology reader

Jeffrey Ito

Jeffrey Ito is the founder of Numerology Name Calculator, one of the best online resources to learn about Astrology and Numerology. On the website, you can input your details to get results. Alternatively, use the contact form to get in touch with Jeffrey.


Visit Jeffrey’s website →

Jeffrey Ito - astrologer and numerologist

What do I need to know about astrology?

To benefit from an astrological reading, you don’t actually need to know anything about astrology. A good astrologer will provide you with all the context you need. However, if you want to know more about astrology, you can learn about the different types of astrology as well as the different signs of the Zodiac.

Different types of Astrology

The most popular form of astrology in the Western world is, unsurprisingly, Western Astrology. This is the system with which we are all familiar, with 12 Zodiac signs corresponding to 12 months. We will go into it in greater detail below.


Hindu Astrology, otherwise known as Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha, is the system that originated in India. Hindu Astrology focuses on the five elements: fire, earth, air, water, and ether. Each element has a master: Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter respectively.


Chinese Astrology, or the Chinese Zodiac, differs from Western Astrology in that it operates on lunar months, years, and two-hour periods. It is constantly in a 60 month cycle, with each month and each year given a name. The year is named for the month in which Jupiter is in a certain position.


Primal Astrology operates on the understanding that we live multiple lifetimes, and provides insight and predictions accordingly. Sidereal Astrology splits time into years and studies the energies accordingly.

The 12 Western Zodiac signs

So that you have a basic primer as to how an astrologer learns about you and your future, here are some of the characteristics of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Each is followed by the Astrology Signs dates.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

So that you have a basic primer as to how an astrologer learns about you and your future, here are some of the characteristics of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Each is followed by the Astrology Signs dates.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull. While you may associate bulls with aggression, the reality is that most of the time they are relaxed, letting life’s currents pass them by. That said, a Taurus can get worked up quickly if the right buttons are pushed.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

The Celestial Twins represent an air sign. Geminis are often stereotyped as two-faced, but this is far from who they are deep down. Geminis have a range of interests that they want to engage in and yet there is just no time for everything. They can let people down because their multiplicity leads to chaos, but at their best facilitate growth in those they care for.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

A water sign, represented by the crab. Cancers have the unique capability of existing in two different realms at the same time – emotional and material. They are often the best at picking up psychic energies, sensing what others are going through. At their worst, they can use these abilities in a manipulative way. At their best, they pinpoint those who need help and provide it with expertise.

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Leo is the lion, a fire sign. This already tells you a lot about Leos. They like to be the center of attention (or crave it deep down if they are inhibited by insecurities). They are excellent leaders when they take time to collaborate, but can become tyrants if there is no one around to ground them.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Virgo is an earth sign, and is represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. Virgos are some of the most grounded people, who are most likely to get something done comprehensively and on time. They are perfectionists which can lead to inaction or criticism of others, but can also lead them to great achievements.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Libra is represented by the scales and is an air sign. Libras are committed to finding balance and harmony. They are natural peacemakers and strive for equilibrium. They can get agitated when someone or something demands all their focus, but at their best will bring their own balance to the situation.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

The scorpion is a water sign, even if Scorpios are often seen as fiery and passionate. Scorpio’s unique characteristics come through in their ability to reach into the emotional realm, beneath the surface of the waters and locate the undercurrents.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

The archer, a fire sign. Sagittarians pursue knowledge as if they are hunting it with bows and arrows. They become passionate about any subject which interests them and will not let it go until they know everything there is to know. They can be one-minded, which at times is a blessing and at other times a curse.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

An earth sign, Capricorn is represented by the sea goat. Similar to Cancers, Capricorns are able to exist in two different realms at the same time – the material and emotional. They can bring rationality when others are reacting emotionally, and bring in empathy when others cannot see past the facts.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Aquarius is an air sign, represented by the water bearer. The water bearer is a mystical healer who provides hydration to the earth. As such, Aquarius’s are often dedicated to helping others, whether physically or emotionally. This can come at the cost of their own wellbeing if not balanced.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Pisces, the fish, is a water sign. The two Pisces fish swim in opposite directions, as Pisces fixate on both fantasy and reality. Pisces can get stuck in one or the other, but are able to pull themselves out and find the balance between the two.


An astrology reading is an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain more insight into themselves and their place in the world. It can help you discover various routes for self-development, give you a clearer indication of whether you and your partner are compatible, and provide you with some information about what the future may hold.


You can start with a free natal chart reading online, but having a session with an expert astrologer will get you the best results. You can find astrologers on psychic websites such as Keen and Kasamba, or individual psychics nearby who you can see in person.


How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology is a study of the energies of the positions of planets and stars at different times of the year. Using these energies, an astrologer can give you information about your personality and your current reality.

What are The Astrological Signs?

There are 12 Signs of the Zodiac in Western Astrology. These each correspond to a month, and are split into fire, earth, air, and water types.

Why is Astrology So Accurate?

Astrology is based on the exact positioning of the planets when you were born as well as in their current orbit. Because these factors are based on inarguable facts, even the most basic Horoscope will have some degree of accuracy.

Can Astrology Predict The Future?

No one can predict the future, as humans have free will. However, astrologers can gain insight into what is likely to happen in the coming days and weeks, which will allow you to make more informed decisions.

What Do Houses Mean in Astrology?

The 12 houses of the horoscope represent a range of human experience. Houses are one of the most controversial aspects of Astrology, as there are many conflicting systems from which practitioners of this type of horoscope need to choose.

What Does My Astrology Chart Mean?

Your birth chart, or natal chart, uses the information of when and where you were born to give you insight into your personality. It determines your Zodiac sign, as well as the kinds of moods you are most susceptible to.

What is The Difference Between Astronomy and Astrology?

Astrology vs Astronomy is one of the most common questions. The reality is that the two do not conflict. Astronomy is the scientific field which studies the planets and stars. Astrology studies the psychic energies caused by the specific placements of the planets at certain times.

Which Type of Astrology is More Accurate?

While there are multiple types of Astrology depending on your tradition (Western, Veden, Chinese), they are not conflicting. Rather they focus on different aspects all based on the positions of the planets and stars. As someone living in the Western world, you will find it easiest to understand Western Astrology, but you can learn about other types of Astrology to build your expertise.

How Much Does an Astrology Reading Cost?

The cost of an Astrology Reading depends on the expertise of the Astrologer. It can range from $1 a minute to $30 a minute. On many websites, you will get the first 3 to 5 minutes free.

Where Can I Get The Best Astrology Reading?

The best Astrology Reading can be found on sites like Kasamba, Keen, and Psychic Source, which each have hundreds of vetted astrologers ready to help you.

Get your star sign read at the best astrology reading sites:

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✓ 30 Years of Experience
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