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Welcome to! We are here to help you in your quest for the best psychics online! Have a look below at the psychic reading types we cover, and the best readers in the business to turn to!

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Who We Are

As a group of passionate spiritualists from Colorado, we built in order to provide you with the guidance you need to find a psychic you can trust. From our own first-hand experience, we understand what a great psychic has to offer.

The best psychic will take you through a journey of self-discovery in the context of your identity, your career, and your relationships. On this website, you will find all the tools you need to choose the best psychic online or living near you.

How We Rate Psychics

We follow a number of strict parameters, both when choosing which psychics to rate and in their actual review. Because there are a lot of scammers out there, not every psychic or psychic website is worth your time. In choosing which trustworthy psychics you can trust, we take the following parameters into account:
Find a psychic reader - psychic reading woman in front of desk with tarot cards and candles
Any good psychic’s reputation is their bread and butter. There is no better way to assess a psychic’s legitimacy than through their success stories, both from their clients as well as other psychic practitioners.

Years of practice
The psychic who has been around the longest is not necessarily the best psychic. However, considering how difficult it is to stay afloat in the business without providing real value, longevity does indicate that their service is worthwhile.

Online and print reviews
Reviews written by individuals online are not always trustworthy, especially considering how easy it is to pay someone to write a positive customer review. We look through hundreds of online and print psychic reviews to sort the legitimate from the fake and come up with a trust score for each psychic practitioner.

Variety of reading styles
In our psychic reviews, we look at the variety of reading styles the psychic has to offer. The best psychics are able to provide a number of different readings, from sources such as tarot cards, astrology, mediumship, and more.

Methods of communication
The best psychic readings are no longer limited to face-to-face communication. The best online psychics offer video calls, voice calls, as well as chat-based readings.
Psychic websites
We also review websites that provide a platform for certified psychics. These websites, including staples like Kasamba and Psychic Source, offer directories of psychics who are available for online readings through their web chats.
Great psychics are not merely pulling from supernatural sources. Rather, they are incredibly intuitive, and will intuit information about you and your needs moments after you first make contact.
There is a common trope that psychics are cold people who simply tell it as it is, but the truth is that the best psychics in the world are warm. They will be discussing sensitive issues with you, after all.
Raw honesty
That is not to say that psychics should sugarcoat your readings. Great psychics are able to communicate with raw honesty, without making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their presence.

The online psychic reviews we have compiled are crucial when trying to find a psychic. Because a psychic provides a very esoteric service, there are many scammers out there masquerading as psychics. establishes the legitimacy of each psychic and psychic website, to help you avoid falling victim to a scam.

How to Tell If a Psychic is Scamming You

In our reviews of psychics who give online and in-person readings, we assess just how trustworthy each service is. That said, there is no way to personally try out every psychic in a directory, and it is important that you have some background to help you spot potential psychic frauds.


Here are some of the red flags that indicate someone is trying to scam you when you try to find a psychic:

They speak in vague generalities

When did you last read the Horoscopes in a newspaper or magazine? We recommend that you acquaint yourself with them before doing a psychic reading chat. They are written in a way that much of what they say applies to people in general.


For example, they may say that you are worried about a work event or struggling with a relationship.


If a psychic speaks in a similar way, only saying things that could apply to anyone, they may be a scammer. You are not visiting them to get some murky promise of the future, but to discuss real life events, and vague generalities are not what you need.

They ask for big sums of money

If a psychic asks you for a lump sum of money to solve a problem, run in the other direction. There are countless psychic scam stories about people being fleeced this way.


One New Jersey native lost $9,000 when a psychic fraud told him she needed it as a deposit to save him from a curse. He was so desperate to stop the bad things happening in his life that he gave her this sum in cash against his better judgment.


A reputable psychic will never ask for a large sum of money, and you should definitely not oblige if they do.

They don’t listen to you

A psychic who spends most of the session telling you things about yourself without listening to what you have to say may be scamming you. They are trying to “prove” to you that they have psychic abilities, rather than help you with your concerns. You don’t need them to tell you things you already know.


The reason psychics need to listen to you is because the context of who you are is key to how they can help you. Imagine you found out that a stranger was going to be taken to task by their boss. This information alone means nothing, as you have no idea what skills the person has (or doesn’t have) to handle the situation.

The best psychic uses their psychic abilities in conjunction with their intuition about you to provide you with a valuable service.

They promise you information that will make you rich

Any psychic who tells you they can give you winning lottery numbers or future sports results is trying to scam you. If it were that simple, they probably would not be sharing that information with you! Usually, this type of psychic fraud will then ask for money to reveal this secret.


Psychic readings can never tell you exactly what will happen in the future, but can prepare you for dealing with the conflicting energies you can expect to face.

They warn you about curses and spells

The best psychics are relatively down to earth. They are not going to warn you about a dark curse over your family, or ask you to perform strange rituals. Generally, a psychic fraud who warns about a curse will ask for money to perform a costly ritual to remove the curse.

The guides we provide to different psychics and psychic websites have been compiled with all of this in mind. Our psychic reviews will tell you if a psychic is trustworthy, along with what you should expect in your interactions with them.

Types of Psychic Reading

There are many different types of psychic readings online and in-person and it is important to know the difference so that you find the best psychic reading you need. Here is a quick overview of the different types of psychic reading. Click through to find out more about each.
Tarot Card readers

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are one of the most well-known and popular psychic readings. Your psychic will use Tarot cards to discern the possible outcomes of current life events. Along with their intuition about your, this will help you make the best decision. Learn more about Tarot reading here.

Atrology & horoscope reading psychics


Through Astrology, a psychic uses the movement of celestial beings, including the stars and planets, to predict events in your future. This kind of psychic reading is different from newspaper Horoscopes as it is specific to you, based on the exact position of the stars at your birth as well as the circumstances surrounding it. Learn more about Astrology here.

Palm Reading psychics

Palm Reading

Palm reading (or Palmistry) is the psychic study of your palm to explore the characteristics that make you you, as well as predict your future. The best online psychics can read your palm with a photo or over video. They study its colors, lines, and shape, and the length of the fingers. Learn more about Palm reading here.

Psychic mediums & picture readers


A Medium is someone with a link to the worlds of both the living and the dead. They interpret energies from the dead to bring messages to the people left behind. A medium can help you communicate with the dead and get a sense of closure. Learn more about Mediums here.

Crystal Ball fortune telling

Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal Ball Reading is one of the best-known forms of psychic fortune telling. The psychic looks into the crystal ball to see images and patterns that reflect important information about the person’s life. Learn more about brystal ball reading here.


Turkish Coffee Reading

Turkish Coffee Reading interprets the coffee grounds left on a person’s cup and saucer. These patterns give insight into the individual’s spiritual life, both present and future. Learn more about Turkish Coffee reading here.

Tarot Card readers


Unlike with Tarot and Angel cards, Cartomancy uses simple playing cards to read into a person’s future. After asking a question, the individual picks a card which the Cartomancer then interprets. Learn more about Cartomancy here.

Reviews of The Best Psychic Sites

1 Kasamba Review

Kasamba Review

Kasamba Review .cls-1{fill:#bda1ff;}.cls-2{fill:#00309e;}.cls-3{fill:#fff;} Exceptional Tarot Readers .cls-1{fill:#bda1ff;}.cls-2{fill:#00309e;}.cls-3{fill:#fff;} Accurate Palm Readings ...

Kasamba Review

Exceptional Tarot Readers

Accurate Palm Readings

Reliable Spiritual Guidance

Are you looking for reliable psychic guidance? Kasamba is an online psychic reading site with 20 years of experience in various psychic readings. If you’re looking for 24/7 support, Kasamba has advisors available at all times. You can take part in live chats, phone consultations, or email readings and choose from a variety of reading types.

Reading Types

Psychic Readings

These are the best readings for discovering your general personality, future and providing you with a path in life. Kasamba's psychics are experts in helping you learn who you really are in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

Kasamba review - homepage screenshot 598x391
9.5Expert Score
Kasamba Ratings

Our scoring of Kasamba's psychic services

Palm Reading
Tarot Reading
Reading Accuracy

Tarot Readings

Tarot card specialists can divine your future and answer almost any question about yourself; past, present and future. This is the best choice for discovering the type of person you might become and what life has in store for you.

Palm Readings

A palm reading is a great choice if you want to learn what life has in store for you. Interpreting the different lines on your hand can reveal information about your health and love life.

Dream Analysis

Kasamba's expert psychics can use your dreams to answer your life questions. While dreams can be hard to understand, a professional analysis can offer accurate interpretations of some of your subconscious concerns.

Astrology Readings

If you find yourself confused about your purpose, an astrology reading can clear everything up and provide guidance by using zodiac and star charts to tell you things about yourself you might not know.

Career Forecasts

Career forecasts offer an easy solution to the common problem of choosing a profession and advisors in this field can assist you with finding a purpose and goal that fits your personality and skills.

Love & Relationship Advice

Relationship psychics are some of the most experienced advisors, and this is one of the most popular categories. Whether you're concerned about honesty or just want to find a match, these readings provide quality advice about your love life.

Fortune Telling

This alternative form of divination provides insight into your future and offers predictions about where you might end up in life. If you find yourself unsure of your path and purpose, fortune telling can help guide you.

Picture Readings

Spiritual energy can reside in photos just like tarot cards or palms, letting readers draw out information in a similar way. If you have a picture of someone, a psychic can tell you about their personality and reveal their secrets.

Past Life Readings

Past lives can greatly influence your future, and understanding them provides insight and guidance for your current life. This reading type helps you figure out the kind of person you really are.

Kabbalah Readings

Kabbalah readers use special Hebrew texts to offer spiritual enlightenment and interpretations that can bring peace and understanding to your life.

Connect With Yourself

Find inner peace with Kasamba's top psychics

What Makes Kasamba Unique?

Kasamba is one of the most famous psychic reading sites on the internet that offers private and relaxed consultations to those looking for enlightenment. Since 1999 its network of advisors has provided spiritual support to over three million customers and accumulated over four million five-star ratings. They have built up a reputation as a secure and private place to seek help thanks to confidential policies and SSL encryption technology.


While the site doesn’t specialize in a single reading type, it does offer a wider variety of categories than most competitors. From niche services like graphology to kabbalah readings, Kasamba has almost everything you can imagine to assist in your spiritual journey.


Advisors are available all day, every day, and a variety of specials and customizable search options ensure that you get the perfect match. Most psychics on the site have thousands of five-star reviews, with the top options having over 10,000.

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